About Design Cape Cod

The fact is, we’re not looking for clients, we’re looking for partners willing to build and maintain strong, successful relationships. We don't pretend to be a big agency, however, we do deliver results that often make our clients wonder how we get it done.

Our Skills

Design Cape Cod is a blend of dedicated people with diverse expertise and experience. We appreciate every client and work tirelessly to make our clients happy.

ColdFusion 10

Why Choose Us?


Web design isn’t about placing your brochure online. It’s about creating an environment that connects with your customers. By utilizing responsive web design and the range of technologies, you can change the face of your communications platform and business. As a top Cape Cod web developement company, we consider your website to be center of all communications and marketing initiatives – the centerpiece that welcomes your customers and prospects through all marketing channels.

We begin with our interview and strategy stage, where our team members listen, learn and research your business. In order to design company websites that serve our clients well into the future, we evaluate the competitive landscape, and build websites that set you apart. We efficiently deliver the web design process from posting the initial website concepts on a staging server, to developing the website, to search engine optimization, to hosting, promoting and maintaining your website. Design Cape Cod is fully dedicated to the success of your company’s website.

We believe that the only way to deliver successful work is to constantly build on the agency/client relationship. By working together, everyone can focus on and accomplish their goals. We are in it together and our interests must always be aligned. We believe that our attention to detail separate us from other agencies. When working on a client project, our attention is undivided and our time belongs to the client. There will always be a number of projects in process. However, we make sure that every client feels that they are the only one.

Why We Code in ColdFusion?

There are three main reasons we code in ColdFusion 10 for all our projects. First, with ColdFusion 10, our developers can embrace futuristic technologies and deliver high-performing applications and first-in-class user experiences using unique HTML5 integration. Second, they can deploy robust, data-driven websites and enterprise-ready applications by using the smart, built-in solutions to develop Web applications more efficiently. Third, our developers can build websites and custom applications quickly using Coldfusion 10 language enhancements and enhanced scripting support that increases productivity by condensing complex logic (yes, there are no magical buttons to push!) into fewer lines of code.

Who Uses ColdFusion?

With ColdFusion 10, our developers are able to monitor our servers and create a worry-free environment secured against cross-site scripting (XSS) and cross-site requests forgery (CSRF). ColdFusion is used by most of the Fortune 100 websites. You may ask, "Do I need all this?" The answer is yes, you do. Why not use the best tools available, when they are available?

Why NOT Wordpress

While Wordpress is a solution that is open source and offers a dynamic and responsive content management system, we do not feel that it is the most suited platform for most web development projects. So what’s the problem? PHP, that’s the problem. We’ve found that not only is Coldfusion a more enjoyable coding language to program in, we’ve been more productive with it, producing better projects for our clients in less time. Again, WordPress is a great DIY tool for creating blogs. However as professional web designers and developers, it simply doesn’t afford us any benefits that we can’t exceed - for ourselves or our clients - using Coldfusion. Wordpress offers many plugins to do many things, but to fully integrate and meet your needs, even a Wordpress site requires customization and design expertise. If a developer or DIY-er does not understand the "behind-the-scenes" of website design and development, he or she can build a Wordpress site, but will not be able to make that site work properly to suit YOUR needs. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), SEO-friendly URLs, 301 redirects, etc. are often overlooked in web development, especially Wordpress setups.

Wordpress Security Problems

Security is a major problem of WordPress websites. Especially brute force attack is one of the main concerns. We talk about BFA, when someone tries to access the dashboard of your WordPress site or your FTP account by trying out different user names with different password combinations. If you choose a strong password and changed the default admin user name, you can reduce the chance to get hacked, but there is no guarantee that you will always win.

Another big security hole is represented by the third-party themes and plugins which are made by both professional PHP development companies as well by individuals or even hackers. These files are verified, but sometimes the developers can hide fishy code that will not catch the attention of the verifier.

Wordpress is very frequently hacked and targeted for hacking due to its open-source nature and wide-spread use. When your Wordpress site becomes hacked, you will have to pay for hours of labor to clean it or restore it from a backup, and you will likely lose content and therefore time in the process. Having hosted and worked extensively with Wordpress, we understand these pitfalls well an we know you will be better served by the custom type of Coldfusion development and hosting solution we offer. Feel free to contact us. We are happy to provide additional information.