Services - Website Functionality
Update your own listings or products:

Ever want to have the ability to build your own website? We can give you or your brokers the ability to:

- Add your own listings or products quickly
- Organize listings or products according to your criteria
- Add new messages with the click of a button

Add your own listings or products quickly:

If you can type, you can add and organize new listings or products on your database. Through the creation of custom forms, you can list all the information, or as little as you would like to about a specific property or item.

Simply scan in the picture or download it from your digital camera. Fill in your custom-built form with the information about the property or product, hit "enter", and your new information is on your website.

Organize listings or products according to your criteria

Whether you want to have a property of the week, a sale item, or simply organize your properties or products by: For Sale, Under Agreement, Sold. We will custom-design forms for you to fill in information about your properties or products on your own, saving you money, and aggravation.

Add new messages with the click of a button:

Being able to update your website on a regular basis allows you to educate the user, and let them know your website isn't stale. Many of today's real estate and buisiness websites have listings or products that are stale or aren't available because the company uses an outdated and complicated system.

If you can't use, or don't enjoy updating your website, chances are you'll neglect it. Having out-of-date information on your website can be detrimental to your business.

Our system allows you to update your listing or product efficiently, but you can also have customized fields where you can create a new, personalized message for your viewers every time they visit. Keeping your website fresh will dramatically increase your Internet presence.

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